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Welcome to Best Practices Academy!

Welcome to Best Practices Academy!

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Why Become a Member?

Why Become a Member?

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How Your Front Line, Impacts Your Bottom line

How can your front desk personnel improve patient outcomes, improve patient satisfaction and reduce costs?  The PCMH model relies heavily on both patient satisfaction and patient access, both elements that are directly associated with services provided by the care team members known as the front desk personnel.   On a per person basis, the cost of these positions is low, but with turnover sometimes as high as 50%, the overall cost of finding, hiring and paying this person grows quickly.  A significant reduction in turnover can save a lot of money.  Front line staff has an enormous impact on the patient experience as they spend a lot of time with them, both on the phone and in person.  The job is hard

"We interrupt this program. This is a national emergency.”

This is a test, this is a test... How many of you can recall the ear piercing tone that accompanied the Emergency Broadcast System signal? I do, but I don’t want to frighten you with the following HHS goals that were announced on Monday, but I want to make you aware and ask you to consider if you and your practice staff are prepared?  The goals include: 50 percent of Medicare payments based on how well patients are cared for by 2018, which was the first time in the history of the Medicare program such explicit goals have been set for alternative payment models. By 2016, the benchmark is to have 30 percent of all Medicare provider payments fall under an alternative

3 Things to Help your Practice Thrive in 2015

1. Get the culture right. Are you and your staff truly engaged in what you are doing?  Does your Practice have a strong moral compass and believe in what you are doing? 2. Constantly restate the endgame. Do you tire of reminding staff members that they have the potential to help people? Success at your Practice is seldom if ever defined in monetary terms. 3. Put mission before money.  With a mission-based Practice it’s the opposite: Get the mission right, and the money will come.  Mission-based Practices are a different breed. You can't expect your mission to matter if your Practice doesn't put it front and center.   Best Practices Academy is here to help.  Call us and set up an appointment to work

What Martin Luther King would say about Chiropractic care today.

I’m not sure, but I wanted to get your attention to let you know that Best Practices Academy is rolling out a NEW line of services and we are Super excited to see what you think. Take a look around our updated website and explore some of our upcoming events. Check back here for upcoming posts on the dream we have for helping your practice become all it can be in 2015!   Disclaimer: The views expressed by this author are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the views of BPA

Why Your Practice Needs a Mission?

Mission statements may seem overused and unimportant in the scheme of things, but a well-crafted one can help you focus your Practice. It can give you a framework for evaluating opportunities and deciding whether they fit your core Practice care model and strategy. It can help you define your Practice and establish your brand, and it can help your staff and employees focus their efforts and suggest ideas that fit with what you’re trying to do. Start by defining who you are. Who are your customers? Do you know who your patient population? What services do you offer them, and where and how do you offer it? What sets you apart from your competitors? Then craft your mission statement. Keep it short, simple

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