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Welcome to Best Practices Academy!

Welcome to Best Practices Academy!

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The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

I have been preparing for the NCQA PCMH Content Expert Exam I’m sitting for next week and last night had an interesting dream that mixed up PCMH and the Oscars.  You know how your dreams reveal important messages, well I think this dream does. I dreamt that two old houses were put together because neither of the houses was sufficient to take care of the needs of the people. The walls of the houses were opened up and the floors between them were strengthened and reinforced to bridge them together. The people who were using the houses were amazed at how much better both of the houses were once they opened the walls and strengthened the path that combined them. Everyone

Weathering the Process of Change

So in the last few blogs I have been addressing a lot about change and you may be thinking what’s up with that?  Well besides all of the previously mentions reasons…(that may require you reading the previous articles), I want to give you hope that your practice can weather the ongoing stormy waters of change.  I’m going to try to give you some ideas and resources to consider, you may choose to pass on trying any of them now, but they may simmer in the back of your mind until you feel more comfortable.  Nonetheless, I’m going to introduce or remind you, depending on your experience with change in your practice of a term called, “adaptive reserve”.  Adaptive reserve is

Exercises on Shifting Your Perceptions

Have you ever played around trying to shift your perception? When I was a young child, I used to love to hang upside down and was fascinated at the way my world looked from that perspective. As an adult, I spend time changing my focus on a landscape just to see what shifts into focus with my thoughts. It’s fun to see how our thinking can create a shift in what is known in Gestalt therapy as figure or ground.  You know the black and white image that is both the old crone and the young woman? It depends on which one you are looking for and a matter of allowing the shift in what we perceive to occur.   I think

Behaviors that are Reflective of Practice Culture

In our last blog article we talked about culture, I’d like to expound on that topic a bit further as it is critical to a Practice to understand how to effectively implement new policies or procedures, you first need to understand your Practice culture.  For example, when people say that culture is “The way we do things around here,” they are defining consistent ways in which people perform tasks, solve problems, resolve conflicts, treat patients, and treat co-workers and staff. One of the 5 key pillars of a patient centered medical home involves a team-based approach to care.   Culture is defined as the informal values, norms, and beliefs (often unspoken) that control how Practice staff and Providers interact with each other

Cultural Change –Why Do I need to Care?

Geert Hofstede, the influential Dutch researcher in the field of organizational culture, defined it simply as: “The collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the members of one organization from others."   Culture is the way the organization thinks and feels about its purpose, and how it goes about solving problems and fulfilling its function.  It is not a program.  It is not a mission statement.  If we are going to think about how culture influences our work, and ultimately how it impacts our patients and drives outcomes, then we need to examine the behaviors that are the result of the culture.  In other words, how do we link culture to behaviors and to outcomes?  And perhaps, more importantly, how do

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