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Welcome to Best Practices Academy!

Welcome to Best Practices Academy!

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Growing Pains?

So as you have all been experiencing in the past few years, healthcare in the U.S. is changing rapidly. The last blog gave a bit of history of those changes. The questions being asked now; are we creating technology that is being resisted and resented that is intended to provide *Better Care, Smarter Spending, and Healthier People? (*That’s the current way to express the Triple Aim.) Or are we just feeling the growing pains of change? We definitely caught a break or you could say the screams of resentment were effective in the passage of the Patient Access and Medicare Protection Act, which brings immediate relief for eligible professionals  that were rushing to try and attest to Stage 2 of

Decide to make 2016 NOT drab. Invest in your practice for great returns.

Investing money has always had an appeal to most of us. The idea of investing a small amount of money in a stock or mutual fund that skyrockets are what dreams are made of. Or are they? Why do we want to hinge our success on someone else’s business? On someone else’s ability to run a successful business in an industry we know little to nothing about? One of the most common mistakes doctors make is the one that causes them to look elsewhere for diamonds. One of my favorite books is “Acres of Diamonds” authored by Russell H Conwell. It is a story about a man who wanted to be rich and have diamonds, so he sold his farm and

Are you ready for 2016?

If any of you read the last blog article, you will fully understand the magnitude of the question: Are you ready for 2016? There are a lot of changes happening in healthcare today, especially as it pertains to how you will be reimbursed. You have heard the warnings that change was evolving from voluntary to mandatory and it is here now. There was a carrot to implement reporting, but those that chose to hope that would just go away are now feeling the stick of the penalties associated with choosing not to do quality reporting. There was a draft published on Friday by CMS for Quality Measure Development Plan outlining how the agency will support the transition to a new Merit-based

Riding it out is a bad strategy

Healthcare reform is not just a buzz word. It is certainly real and some of you may be feeling the ramifications of penalties this year from a misguided strategy that you could just ride it out and it would all go away.  Let’s face it, change is hard and most of us naturally shy away from it as much as possible. We rather naively feel out of control when we sense change is being forced upon us. Truth is we are constantly undergoing change in all areas of our lives and we are much more resilient than we give ourselves credit.  There is a wonderful saying, “we never step into the same river twice for you are not the same


So have you been asking yourself lately if you have happiness in your life? As a Doctor of Chiropractic do you love what you do? With all of the shifting healthcare policies and payment reform, do you find yourself spending too much time with everything, but patient care? What called you into becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic? Dan Gilbert is a researcher on happiness. He has a popular TED Talks entitled, “The Surprising Science of Happiness” and he is also the author of Stumbling onto Happiness. He says, “We are all hard-wired for happiness.” Join over 11 Million who have watched the TED Talk at Happiness involves changing our views of circumstances and situations in which we find ourselves in life.

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