Dr. Ted Arkfeld, DC, MS, CPC

Director of Risk Management

Ted A. Arkfeld, DC, MS, CPC is the director of Clinic Management for Best Practices Academy. In 2007 after being in clinical practice for over 19 years, he expanded his professional expertise by becoming a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), and compliance consultant. In 2009, he opened Arkfeld Compliance, and in 2015 merged with Best Practices Academy.

Dr. Arkfeld has dedicated his life to what most of us find extremely painful to spend time on, coding, technology efficiencies, and compliance. The task of efficiently and cost-effectively running a practice has become daunting, when you throw compliance and medical audits on top of it. Dr. Ted’s hands-on practical approach to bring in correct coding and the right technologies is refreshing. One more piece in a complex puzzle that allows one to sleep easier at night, and most importantly, spend more time making a difference in people’s lives through chiropractic.

Content Expertise

Clinic Management

Comprehensive Compliance/Risk Management

Coding and Documentaiton

Clinical Training

Staff Development and Training

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