Non-Pharmacological Pain Management: An Evidence-based Approach for Acupuncture

8 Hours

This 8 hour seminar provides an evidence based approach using present day neurophysiological principles for pain management using needle and non-needle techniques, including acupuncture, e-stim, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, laser, and manual soft tissue methods. It places greater emphasis on spinal segmental innervation, making it an approach that can be integrated into a clinician’s practice.

This course will simplify and improve a practitioner’s clinical approach as an alternative to pain management using opioids. Preventive screening for chronic pain patients in addition to pain management for opioid users is discussed. Pain management protocols for the chiropractic physician within an integrated framework of care for the patient brings chiropractic care to the forefront of non-pharmacological pain management for the chronic pain patient. 

Seminar Instructors

Tom Wilson, DC, CCSP
Chad Munsterman, DC

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