About the Academy

Providing focused leadership to equip the clinical practice for compliance and improve clinical outcomes.

Best Practices Academy, a recognized clinical improvement organization, helps you protect and grow your practice through better business decisions, improved clinical effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.

The expert team at Best Practices Academy is passionate about helping equip practices to meet the demands of the newly integrated care delivery system.

We enable practices to grow their business by giving the doctor freedom to provide patient-centered care through a risk management and growth strategy for profitability and compliance, as well as achieve recognition standards and measures to satisfy new quality payment system requirements.

In addition, the Academy powers a compliance-driven robust electronic health records system, called eChiro EHR, which can be supported by the eChiro EHR billing service to achieve maximum return for the practice.


Best Practices Academy developed ten years ago within a Midwest provider network.  The Academy began as a program to help chiropractors clinically improve, standardize diagnosis, and practice under evidence-based practice guidelines.

Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, Best Practices Academy spun into its own organization, providing a robust delivery of clinical improvement programs and training to help practices get up to speed on how to internally operate to fit into the emerging value-based care delivery system.