Annual Compliance Training (3 CEU)

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Scott Munsterman, DC, FICC
CEO, Best Practices Academy

What You'll Discover from this Course Bundle:

Annual Compliance Training is a requirement of every practice. Here is an easy way to get that done!

It is important for practices to complete and log (
download the log here) annual education and training in these three areas: Privacy and Security (HIPAA), Health and Safety (OSHA), Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA).

Annual Compliance Training should be completed by all doctors and staff in the clinic, then participation recorded in your practice's compliance manual.

This course bundle will equip your practice with the necessary annual training required of you.

Continuing Education Credits

Each course in this bundle is eligible for 1 CEU in states that accept PACE.  View states here. Eligible states indicated by 'Accepts PACE' listed next to it.

CE is granted to the registered user of the course. Additional user registrations can be purchased at $15/credit.

Courses in this bundle include:

HIPAA Compliance: Safeguards and Privacy Practices (1 CEU)
Chiropractic offices are obligated to protect patient health information as a covered entity. This course introduces compliance with HIPAA’s safeguards (administrative, physical and technical) as well as how the Notice of Privacy Practice works in your practice. It is intended to raise awareness of how to protect PHI and focus on the rights of the patient in regards to access of their PHI.

Length: Approximately 60 minutes

OSHA Compliance: Creating a Safe Work Environment (1 CEU)
Chiropractic offices have requirements to meet to be compliant with OSHA regulations under the General Duty Clause. General safety, hazard communication, and exposure management or blood borne pathogens are key areas of concern for work place safety for chiropractors and their staff. This course sets the stage for understanding OSHA and work place safety – how to think about the safety and health of your staff and the general fundamentals of protection. A Hazard Assessment Checklist is provided along with a link to all required federal posters.
Length: Approximately 50 minutes

Fraud, Waste, & Abuse: Compliance Awareness & Practice Protection (1 CEU)
Chiropractic offices are obligated to eliminate Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) in their practices.This course introduces compliance and FWA program requirements for your practice.It is intended to raise awareness of the types of FWA that can occur and mechanisms to detect, prevent and correct them. Other health car laws are also discussed along with the elements of a compliance program.
Length: Approximately 60 minutes

BONUS COURSE Cultural Competency (1 CEU)
​This course addresses areas of health literacy and cultural competency for chiropractic clinicians. Low health literacy is associated with poorer health and increased costs of healthcare. It is not apparent who may have low health literacy by appearance. The use of the teach-back method is discussed as well as the goal of increasing patient engagement. This course will also provide awareness of the importance of understanding cultural differences with required review of online resources and readings.
Length: Approximately 50 minutes

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OSHA Compliance: Creating a Safe Work Environment
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Fraud, Waste, & Abuse: Compliance Awareness & Practice Protection
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Cultural Competency
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