Avoid denials & recoupments.

Receive proper reimbursements.

Learn the right way to code & document.

$549 (Save $198!)

Unlimited access for 12 months

Developed specifically for chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, insurance staff and office managers.

Fear you are missing out on revenue for services performed?

Improper coding & documentation could be leaving money on the table.

Bundle Includes

Coding & Billing

Chiropractic Coding for Doctors & Staff

Code & bill to receive proper reimbursements for the work you perform.

Coding & Documentation for Medicare

Medicare Playbook Online Modules & Manual 

Protect Yourself. Protect Your Practice. 99% of your Medicare questions, Answered. The specific playbook of knowledge related to the information and interpretation that the Medicare Administrative Contractors clinical reviewers use to determine medical necessity of chiropractic records.

Diagnosis Coding

ICD-10-CM Online Modules & Quick Reference Code Guide

Learn correct coding concepts and clinical documentation requirements for successful diagnosis coding.

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