EHR Training: Regenerative Medicine


Implementation Timeline

Expected 'Go Live' Date: 45 days from contract signing date.  If you have specific 'Go Live' timeline requests, please communicate that to Zach.

Checklist of Needs from the Clinic

Your timely cooperation in providing the requested information will greatly assist in an efficient implementation process for your clinic.


Schedule live training sessions, to be completed in joint sessions by all providers and staff.

Access recorded training.

Financial Reports

You have access to numerous reports, however, we curated the following reports that show key performance indicators to predict incoming revenue/cash flow, to monitor each provider’s performance, and to monitor the charges and payments for the day.

CPT Charges/Estimated Expected Payment Report

Purpose: Provides a forecast of revenue to be collected from services performed within the specified date range. Use this report to predict your incoming revenue/cash flow.

Frequency: Weekly

Practice Evaluation by Provider Report

Purpose: Provides detailed practice statistics and financial data for date range specified. Use this report to monitor each provider’s performance.

Recommended Frequency: Weekly/Monthly

Payment and Charge Summary Report

Purpose: Provides total charges and payments for date range specified. Use this report to identify trends in provider coding, etc. Use this report to monitor the charges and payments for the day.

Recommended Frequency: Daily


Billing will commence 60 days from contract signing date or earlier if the software goes live before then. 'Go Live' occurs when the practice signs off and is given the go live link.  The practice may receive the go live link before training is fully completed and/or before insurance billing is set up.  

The practice will be billed on the 1st of the month for that month. If a commencement date is before the 1st of the month, the invoice will be prorated and billed the following month, on the 1st of the month.

When you remove a provider license, you will no longer be able to bill for services rendered under the provider license. We require 30 days notice to remove a provider from monthly invoicing.

Primary Contact

Dr. Steve Avitabile

Cell: 919-451-8747


Zach Sames

Toll Free: 844-808-7464


Dr. Scott D. Munsterman, DC FICC, CPCO

Cell: 605-691-9930


Add or Remove a Provider & General Support Requests


Ashley Munsterman

Toll Free: 877-788-2883

Best Practices Academy

Toll Free: 877-788-2883

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