How to Protect your Practice in the midst of increased Medicare Part B probe audits


Dr. Ted Arkfeld
Director of Risk Management

What You'll Discover
On this Webinar:

It’s the dreaded letter and you received one, never thinking you would:

“Dear Doctor, We are processing a claim…and we cannot complete this processing without the information requested. Please answer each question and return this letterwithin 45 days.”

How would you respond?
Blindsided and panicked?  Or, prepared and confident?

Medicare Part B Carriers all over the country are sending letters like the above to chiropractic offices. This is a probe review that can lead to more significant post-payment audits and possible overpayment demands. Whether you have received a letter like this or not, view this webinar to learn how you can protect your practice in the midst of increased Medicare Part B probe audits.


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