Lumbar Disc Injury: Evaluation, diagnosis, and care planning


Ted A. Arkfeld, DC, MS, CPC
Director of Clinic Management
Scott Munsterman, DC FICC

What You'll Discover
on this Webinar:

Evaluating and treating the lumbar spine can be challenging at times; especially when we are struggling with a patient who is not responding.Is this a disc injury or facet syndrome?

How do I know what the condition may be as the patient is acute… what should I expect for a timely response to care?

When should I x-ray or refer the patient?

These an many more questions will be addressed as we understand how to care plan and management the lumbar disc injury patient.

Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017 @ 12:00 PM CST


This webinar is live, but if you can't attend live, no sweat!  You will receive unlimited access to the recording.