Policy and Procedures in practice: What is required? 


Tim Wakefield, DC, DACBSP, CSCS, CCST
Scott Munsterman, DC, FICC
CEO, Best Practices Academy

What You'll Discover
on this Webinar:

Keeping abreast of policy and procedures may seem like a small undertaking and maybe even a bit unnecessary?

Well, think again.The policy you keep on the shelf and implement with you and your staff procedurally can make or break your business operations – keeping you compliant and keeping your business running smoothly without chaos.

Learn about effective policy and procedure and give your policy the test you deserve to give it to see if it is compliant.

Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017
@ 12:00 PM CST


This webinar is live, but if you can't attend live, no sweat!  You will receive unlimited access to the recording.