QRUR: How to access your Medicare report card 


Karen K. Korth, Ph.D. NCC PCMH CCE CPHPA
Director of Quality Performance
Scott Munsterman, DC, FICC
CEO, Best Practices Academy

What You'll Discover
on this Webinar:

How do you grade with Medicare?

Understanding your QRUR – pretty important stuff – a report card of your performance with your Medicare patients.The data on this report goes on the Physician Compare Website – fully accessible to the public.

In other words, do you want 5 stars after your name – or none?

Sound scary? Well, the good news is the new payment system gives you the opportunity to earn more money through performance, increased services, and increased referrals to your practice.

This course will guide you in understanding how to obtain your Quality and Resource Use Report (QRUR), which is your Medicare “report card”.

This report card shows how groups and solo practitioners, as identified by their TIN, performed in 2014 on the quality and cost measures used to calculate your 2016 Medicare reimbursements.

Directions will be provided on how to establish your Enterprise Identity Data Management (EIDM), for access to the CMS portal and ability to download provider reports.

This module will also address the various reporting methods for Medicare’s new payment program, which began January of 2017.