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Exclusive offerings for Best Practices Academy Members on Financial Products and Services!

Academy Financing Program
Instead of tying up cash in costly equipment purchases, save your working capital and retain financial flexibility for future growth with a financing plan.

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Have more purchasing power to get additional or higher-end equipment
No or low down payment with terms that match the useful life of the equipment
The cost of the equipment may be 100 percent tax deductible so you keep more of your after tax profits
Multiple options available to finance your equipment
Key Benefit
Stay competitive and grow your practice by having the latest equipment with payment plans that fit into your budget.

Accounting & Tax Services
Accounting & Tax Services for you and your practice provided by an accountant specializing in the Chiropractic Industry.

Accounts Receivable Solution
Recover money owed to you on slow paying or non paying accounts. Improve cash flow with a company that recovers three times more money than their competitors at a fraction of the cost.

Credit Card Merchant Services
A dynamic solution that makes credit card processing more efficient, secure and cost-effective.

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Process any transaction in one second… credit, debit & checks!
Guaranteed significant savings compared to your current pricing for credit card processing.
Compare Rates:
– PayPal = 2.75%
– Square = 2.75%
– US Pay = less than 1%
Online back-office efficiency and reconciliation tool
Online and Touchtone Telephone Payments
Mobile Payments
Key Benefit
Adds functionality, credit card security, and savings every time a patient pays with a credit card.

Health Savings Account
Give you and your staff the option of an HSA to save money on future health care costs. By partnering with one of the nation’s leading HSA custodians, you’ll be able to invest in over 179 mutual funds in order to grow your account balance. Money isn’t taxed when it goes into an HSA, or when it’s withdrawn — and it even grows tax-free. Plus, employees own their account, meaning it stays with them even if they change jobs and the funds roll over from year to year.