Let's talk shop.

​Get Paid for What You Do

Join Us for this Webinar Workshop

Saturday, March 7, 2020
9:00am-11:30am CT

Doctors are not getting paid for what they do.

I can’t tell you how often I hear our friends, our colleagues say “I just want to get paid for what I do”. 

And every time I hear that comment, which is usually embedded and expressed in frustration, my heart sinks. It sinks because I know the complexity of the solution. 

But the one common denominator in each part of the solution is this: they are all things you can do. In other words, you have control over getting paid for what you do.

So we decided to start a “let’s talk shop” session on select Saturday mornings to have a conversation about “what you can do” to get paid for what you do.

As we have worked with clients, we have identified 7 major activities that specifically relate to “getting paid for what you do”.

Your success is personally important to us. We hope you will join us for coffee and a good chat.

Sneak Peek of the 7 Key Activities to help you
“Get paid for what you do”

  1. Use the evidence in what you do
  2. Develop/Communicate a Treatment Plan for what you do
  3. Efficiently and adequately document what you do
  4. Code properly and accurately for what you do
  5. Bill appropriately for what you do
  6. Protect your assets and the reputation of what you do
  7. Create systems around what you do


Scott D. Munsterman, DC FICC CPCO

CEO, Best Practices Academy

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