Thuy Katzenberger, DC, LAc

Dr. Thuy Katzenberger, DC, LAc graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University with her Doctorate in Chiropractic, Bachelors of Science in Human Biology and later her Masters in Acupuncture. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. In 2004, she founded Chiropractic Healing Arts Center where she integrates chiropractic, acupuncture, rehabilitation protocols, and nutrition in her practice.

Dr. Katzenberger is passionate about lifelong learning and is dedicated to helping patients improve their quality of life. Raised with an eastern philosophy and trained in western and eastern practices, she integrates both styles into her practice.

In 2010, she invented and patented “The Scout,” a tool used for soft tissue therapy named after her son, Scout. She has lectured on biomechanics, acupuncture, manual therapy techniques, and rehabilitation protocols. In 2013, Dr. Katzenberger went to Tian Jian University in China to lecture and learn. There, she witnessed the amazing treatments for stroke, MS, and other difficult conditions that solidified her belief that patients thrive when they receive multiple modalities of care.