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Bring your practice into the Mainstream

Achieving practice recognition in sets you apart from other providers and sets you up on a level playing field with other medically recognized practices and health systems – giving you the value you need to position yourself and your practice for a new game – on the health care team.

Become Recognized

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Healthcare providers want to collaborate with trusted Doctors of Chiropractic.

But they want to know...

Who can we trust?

Create a direct connection.

Many of us have dreamed of one day being a part of the overall health care team – in a meaningful way. To us at Best Practices Academy, that means being recognized by other health care providers as the “go to” provider for specific conditions in patient care.  Create a direct connection between your practice and primary & specialty care practices.

Build Trust. Increase Referrals.

Becoming a team player in a care pathway for patients with other providers looks like this:

Providers making referrals of their patient to you for care.
Then co-managing patients with other providers – collaborating on what should be the best care; the right provider, for the right patient, at the right time.


Organizations like the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) and The Compliance Team accredit health care facilities based on standards in health care. The PCMH and PCCC program opens up doors for your practice that would not otherwise be there to be opened. For other health care providers, the body of evidence that chiropractic works and has a role in health care rarely comes into question anymore, but rather the question they ask is this: Who do I trust to care for my patients? Which chiropractic physician is best?

Staff Training

Staff are equipped with on-demand training courses, have access to our experts for questions, and consistent check-ins from our team, leaving both you and your staff confident in the integrity of the clinic.

Stay in the Know

Have confidence that you are up to speed on any new information and regulations. Our team of experts are on top of it, so you can spend your time treating patients instead of reading new laws.

Patient-Centered Connected Care

NCQA’s Patient-Centered Connected CareTM Recognition program supports clinical integration and communication, creating a road map for how your practice delivers patient-centered care—but do not act as the primary care provider.

The program focuses on meeting standards that demonstrate effectively communicating and connecting with primary care and aligns you into the medical home “neighborhood”.

  • ​Become the “go-to” for chiropractic with your local medical health systems
  • Receive a complete Policy & Procedure Manual, custom to your clinic, updated regularly, and tailored to comply with NCQA requirements
  • 24/7 Access to the Experts who are trained in NCQA recognition
  • Expert assistance in submission for recognition (100% success rate for NCQA submissions)
  • On-demand Training for Doctors & Staff
  • Attend Live Webinar Workshops & Access the full archive of past workshops
  • Consistent monitoring of your clinic's compliance through Internal reviews of files, policies, & procedures
  • Important Updates & Alerts

Includes the ChiroArmor compliance solution.

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