Comprehensive Compliance Audit Program

Comprehensive Compliance Audit Program



Fee: Monthly Fee of $199.00 (24 month service agreement)

This program consists of periodic reviews of your clinic’s coding, billing, documentation, and HIPAA policies. Reviews are conducted on an ongoing basis to evaluate the implementation of the compliance program. Policies and protocols will be implemented to standardize compliance processes, and a customized manual is developed in support of the compliance program.

The development of an effective compliance program involves:

  • Written policies and procedures to assist compliance with laws and regulations
  • Ongoing training and education to ensure awareness of compliance requirements
  • Auditing and monitoring to ensure the program is operating effectively
  • Corrective action to address any identified shortcomings in the program
  • Reduction of billing errors and optimization of proper claim payment
  • Maximized revenue and minimized financial loss
  • Detailed understanding of Medicare and commercial carrier documentation requirements
  • Coding proficiency and accuracy
  • Enhanced patient care
  • Peace of mind
  • Security Risk Analysis (Initial & Ongoing) $1,200+ value



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