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Remote Patient Monitoring

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remote patient monitoringThrough the iRemedyRemoteTM platform, we provide comprehensive remote patient monitoring solutions that include delivery and support of monitoring devices to patients and web based real time gathering of data for clinical review. The system incorporates monitoring data gathered through Apple’s Healthkit, an iOS platform that facilitates the collection and exchange of data by an expanding number of health and fitness devices and apps.

To help care providers capitalize on the compelling, emerging remote monitoring market opportunity, providers have access to the healthcare industry’s first, highly secure, HIPAA-compliant remote monitoring management solution based on the Healthkit. Fully integrated with Apple Healthkit, the system has been designed to capture, manage, archive and convey data generated by numerous remote patient monitoring devices in use by a specific physician’s (or physician group’s) patient base.

iRemedy Remote provides patients and their care providers with on-demand, convenient, low cost remote access to critical patient data, including weight, percentage of body fat, activity level (calories burned), blood oxygen level, blood pressure, body temperature and glucose level, iRemedy Remote transmits this data from each patient to his or her physician’s web based dashboard. The system also enables the easy import of collected data into EMR or chronic care management systems via a HIPAA controlled, encrypted and secure set of API controls.